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The enterprise «Les Grandes Dames» was founded in Terrebonne in January 2010. Because of is concept of high class services, « Les Grandes Dames » is already destined for a lot of success.

They offer a service of personal accompaniment, as frequently as you wish, to share your daily activities, your leisure and your outings
as would do a member of your own family.


Mrs Suzanne Brousseau was an employee of the National Bank of Canada for more than 18 years. When she left the bank, September 2004, she was Director of the Financial Services. Since then Mrs Brousseau started her own business. Her empathy, her active listening and her love for Elders brought her to want to fill a gap, a current need for them: solitude. She is dynamic, daring and speaks French, English and Spanish!

Mrs Rolande Rousseau was an employee of the Bank of Montreal for more than 30 years. When she retired, January 2009, she was Director of the Financial Services. Mrs Rousseau is very motivated and she uses her knowledge, her culture, her talents for business and organization to the service of the enterprise. She also speaks French, English and Spanish!


Loyalty                   Excellence                  Satisfaction

The founders have a total of more than 70 years experience in customer's service.


The service « Les Grandes Dames » delight the Elders who have the possibility to stay in their usual environment and to maintain their independence.

We take the services that we offer very seriously.

Trust us you will love your experience!

We are available 24 hours on 24 and 7 days a week. Here is what we can do for you:

  • go to the movies, to the restaurant
  • go to church                                                         
  • take you to the bingo
  • go shopping with you or without you
  • drive you to a financial institution
  • go to the post office, to the drug store
  • visit your doctor
  • go to the cleaner
  • go for a walk, a drive
  • read to you
  • play cards, scrabble, ect.                                             
  • help prepare meals
  • and most of all, listen to you.


Our rate is calculated per hour according to the accompaniment asked.

This list is not exhaustive and other services can be added on demand.

The expensives caused by outings are the customer's responsibility.                                     

Travelling expenses and all other expenses related to an accompaniment service.   


Send us an email at
lesgrandesdames@gmail.com or simply call us at
866 358-8013 (toll free) and it will be a pleasure to answer your questions.


June 2010

It is through a simple e-mail from Les Grandes Dames that my curiosity was aroused. Surfing on the Internet, I discovered the extent of the services offered and that they corresponded to the needs of my family. The meeting with Les Grandes Dames revealed that their gentleness, their human warmth and their professionalism were higher than our expectations. Since then, Madame Brousseau visits my mother regularly and the family is more than satisfied.
I recommend this firm without hesitation!
Marie-France Dubreuil

Marie-France Dubreuil's mother

December 2010

Having a sick mother...in the turmoil of today's life...is not an easy thing...Also, with reconstructed families...and with less members in the families than in the past...we sometimes need help...

We would like to offer more...but the responsibilities...keep us sometimes from doing so...How can we juggle with our past, our present and our future? Juggle is the real word...since we sometimes ask ourselves how to succeed without dropping anything?

At the last turning point of our life, nothing seems to matter...except the attention giving to us...Small gestures are often enough to make elderly people happy...Les Grandes Dames can help us offer these high quality moments.



To whom it may concern,

The present letter is to give you a few references concerning Mrs Brousseau.
I met Suzanne in 1991, at the National Bank as a representative for customer service. She is a dynamic, responsible, organized, honest and very respectful person. She always worked very carefully. Suzanne always knew how to welcome the customers with courtesy. In one word, I was always satisfied with her services. Her respect towards her entourage is certainly an asset. She is an active listener. We have been keeping in touch since she left the bank in 2004.

Suzanne loves the golden age people and I feel that she is very happy when she as a chance to do something for me. She helped me on different occasions, making herself available in spite of her busy schedule. What about her quality of always being on time! If there was a delay, of about 10 minutes for example, caused by trafic or anything else, she will always call me to let me know. She as a sense of service.

I am an 98 year old woman who lives alone and have the chance of having my daughter around and who takes care of me; but I always have Suzanne's phone number at hand in case of emergency. I am confident in her and I know that I can trust her good judgment.

Yours truly,

Mrs Marie-Claire Longtin

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